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About Us

Welcome to our “ e- store”. Thank you for taking the time to look us up!

We have been offering our farm raised beef and pork through on farm sales and the Lakefield Farmers Market for a number of years. Most recently, our products were sold through Towns & Leahy Mercantile and Deli in Douro. In the early morning of Feb. 2nd, 2018 the “ Mercantile” was destroyed by fire, as was the entire P.G. Towns General Store Building.

Our e-store venture is an opportunity to offer our products once again along with those from other local farmers.

Leahy Beef and Pork – We are proud to offer a wide variety of beef and pork cuts all processed at a local government inspected facility.

Our beef is from home raised Shorthorn and Simmental cattle, with no artificial hormones or medicated feed. Cattle are fed grain in combination with hay or pasture as the season allows. From time to time we offer 100% grass fed beef. Our definition of 100 % grass fed is “ managed pasture grazing in the growing season and hay in the dormant season with salt and mineral supplement. No cereal grain, grain corn, grain pellets, grain mixes or corn silage ever in the life of the animal.”

Pigs are fed a diet of mixed grain , fruit/vegetable compost with access to pasture forage as the season allows.

McKeiver Maple Syrup – For 40 years, exquisite syrup has been produced from this renowned maple bush. Carl and Mary McKeiver and family proudly continue this tradition of excellence offering maple syrup in 1 Litre, 375 ml and 1 gallon containers. Wonderful in baking, as a topping for deserts or straight up on your spoon!

McMullen Honey – “ From blossoms of Douro-Dummer Township” is how the McMullens describe the source of their distinctively flavoured honey. This honey, offered in 500 g., 1.0 kg and 5 kg( 11 lb.) containers was a hit seller at the Mercantile. In your tea, favourite recipe or my favourite … on a tablespoon, it is sure to delight!

G. Fenton Farms Pastured Chicken – Anytime an animal has direct and constant access to growing forage and soil minerals you can expect meat with richer flavour and a higher nutritive profile. The full taste and pleasing texture of a Fenton Farm chicken attests to this. Gary Fenton and Family are Artisanal Program Chicken producers, moving their birds daily to a new forage “ salad bar.”